Sunflower oil

Sunflower Oil

Digeoris is a bulk sunflower oil supplier that works in the European Union and Eastern Europe. We sell high-quality oil made in compliance with the EU certifications, and licensed for use in cooking, baking, and animal feeds production.

Chemical Qualities of Digeoris Sunflower Oil

Unrefined sunflower oil
FFA (Free Fatty Acids) content < 0.13%
Phosphorus content < 6 ppm
Wax content < 20 ppm
Peroxide value < 7.0 meq/kg
Acid value < 4.0 mgКoH/g
Refined sunflower oil (example, need data)
FFA (Free Fatty Acids) content < 0.13%
Phosphorus content < 6 ppm
Wax content < 20 ppm
Peroxide value < 7.0 meq/kg
Acid value < 4.0 mgКoH/g

Sunflower Oil Production Process



Digeoris sells oils produced at the HACCP/FSSC-certified facility.

High-quality sunflower oil

Our sunflower oil suppliers are using hexane — organic, food-safe solvent extractor — to produce high quantities of quality sunflower oil at reasonable costs.

Cold-pressed sunflower oil

We also offer cold-pressed sunflower oil. Сold-pressing is considered to be a more natural extraction method and such oil is often used in premium food products.

Products Using sunflower Oil


Sunflower biodiesel comes at a premium and is not as efficient as rapeseed- or soybean-based solutions. However, it is the only choice for northern countries, since it retains viscosity beyond the freezing point for other plant-based fuel.

Animal feeds

Sunflower oil is by far the most cost-efficient way to add plant-based fats and nutrients to the animal feeds. Although they are mostly used for farm animals, some manufacturers use it for cat and dog feeds — although animal fats are more preferable.

Industrial Use of Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is an incredibly popular low-grade cooking oil, used for frying, baking, or as a dressing in many cultures all over the world. It can also be used in dietary supplements for people and animals, since crude sunflower oil price is much lower than higher quality oils. In premium products it is replaced with olive, canola, or grapeseed.

Current experimental solutions have shown to outperform rapeseed and soybean oils in the cold temperatures, which might make sunflower oil biodiesel the best choice for the countries that reach freezing point during winters. While it holds only less than 1% of the market at the moment, experts predict massive expansion in the near future and sunflower oil suppliers worldwide are already ramping up production.

Sending and Transporting of Sunflower Oil

We will use either freight ships and/or heavy-duty lorries to deliver your order. Total delivery time is up to 10 days. The delivery is tracked, and we will mail you a copy of a shipping manifest.

The minimum order volume is 22 tons. If you buy sunflower oil in bulk, we will offer a discount, although we may need more time if you order more than 2000 tons of oil at once.

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