Blood meal

Blood Meal

Digeoris sells high-quality, regulation-compliant dried blood meal to the manufacturers of animal feed in EU and Eastern Europe. Our produce is suitable for all fur animals, as well as predatory fish species.

Qualities of Digeoris Blood Meal
Protein < 90-95%
Fat < 1%
Crude Fiber < 0.60%
Dry Matter < 85%
Ash < 5%

Components and production process of Blood meal


Dried blood meal is exactly what it sounds like — chicken blood is sterilized at high pressure and temperature, then dried and, at last, ground.

The resulting product is a fine meal that has a deep red-to-pink hue with shades of brown and somewhat softer texture.

Because of the production process and its contents, blood meal has an unpleasant taste, that might need to be masked for some animal species with other feed components.

Blood meal – content in the following products

Blood meal is a component of animal feeds and a source of iron in their diet. It can be used in pet food, although the taste might be an issue. Its main purpose is to improve the quality of animal fur.

The taste, however, is not an issue when it comes to fish food. Therefore, a blood meal makes for a perfect fish feed component, especially when it comes to large predatory species.

Some farms also use blood meal as a fertilizer, due to its relatively high nitrogen content. That said, feather meal is a better option.

Blood meal in the Production of feed for animal

Blood meal is a necessary supplement with high contents of iron, and a good alternative to expensive mineral complexes. A lot of fur production farms buy blood meal to improve their animal diets and increase the quality of their furs.

Blood meal can also be used as the main protein source in the diet, although the unbalanced amino acid content may cause health issues in the long term.

Transportation of Large Volumes of Blood meal

Blood meal has an almost indefinite shelf life and does not require additional transportation measures. We ship it in cargo containers, which are transported either by land or sea, depending on your location. Our EU customers receive their orders in 10 days on average, and we provide both a copy of the shipping manifesto and a tracking number for the order.

We offer blood meal for sale with a minimum order volume of 22 tons, with additional discounts for bulk orders. Orders over 2000 tons may require more time to ship.

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