Pig technical fat

Pig Techical Fat

Technical pork fat is an important component of industrial-grade lubricants. Digeoris provides technical fat in bulk to European manufacturers.

We also offer pig feed fat for the production of animal and pet feeds.

Qualities of Digeoris Pig Technical Fat
Storage period unlimited
Color at 15 °C Matte white–yellow
Odour specific
Moisture content < 0.5%
Mass fraction of unsaponifiables < 1%
Mass fraction of insoluble substances < 0.5%
Acid number < 10 mgKOH

Process of Production of Pig Technical Fat


Technical pork fat is meant for tallows and greases and does not need any nutrients or vitamins one might find in a feed fat. This allows for a more streamlined production process, and lets you buy technical pig fat at a more reasonable price.

Our technical pig fat is made by shredding the animal fat and then boiling it to the temperature above 100 °C under high pressure, causing a fast separation of liquids and fats. Water evaporates, and the fat is preserved, while the remaining solid mass gets ground into bone meal.

Goods that Use Pork Fat

Most of the goods that use technical pig fat are niche. The lion’s share of it gets turned into greases and tallows, however, recently there has been an interest in animal fat-based biodiesel.

Some printing companies buy technical pig fat as a stabilizer for special inks — i.e. the ink used in printing Canadian dollars. Additionally, the pharmaceutical industry uses pork fat in traditional ointments for sore skin and inflammatory rash.

Use of Pig Technical Fat in the Production of Lubricants

Lubrication based on animal fat is called tallow, and it’s a traditional component of oils and greases. It provides a lot of fatty acids and has a rather high smoke point, which makes it a great lubricant for heavy machinery, like the one used by steel rolling plants.

Transportation of Large Volumes of Pork Fat

We handle all the shipping for our orders ourselves and found that the best way to transport pig fat is via heavy lorries. We will also use naval transportation, depending on your location. Either way, you will receive a shipping manifesto and the tracking number for your order once it is ready to ship. The average shipping time is 10 days.

You can buy pig technical fat in quantities of 22 tons or more. We will offer an additional discount for bulk orders, yet shipping orders over 2000 tons may take more time than usual.

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