Bottled oil

Bottled Oil

Digeoris sells bottled food-grade oil to retail, chain stores, and small-scale businesses. It is the same high-quality oil as always, except it comes in small 1-litre bottles made of food-grade plastic and comparable to ones offered by EU wholesale oil bottle suppliers. They are also environment-friendly and can be recycled at any facility.

Edible Bottled Oil

We offer pre-bottled canola (rapeseed), sunflower, and soybean oil.
All pre-bottled oils are food-grade and allowed for use in the European Union.

Technical Qualities of Digeoris Bottled Oils
Technical qualities Rapeseed Oil Sunflower Oil Soybean Oil
FFA (Free Fatty Acids) content < 1.75% < 0.13 % < 0.3 %
Phosphorus content < 300 ppm < 6 ppm < 800 ppm
Wax content < 20 ppm
Peroxide value < 7.0 meq/k
Acid value < 2% < 4.0 mgКoH/g
Moisture, volatile matter, and insoluble impurities < 0.4% < 0.2% < 0.3%
Flash point > 121°C > 225°C > 121°C
Oil bottle 1 litre

If you require bottled technical oil in bulk, please contact our managers, and we will discuss possible options.

Why Purchase Bottled Oil

While oil in transfer containers is cheaper and much easier to ship, it requires specific conditions for storage and use. Using pre-bottled oil slightly increases its cost, but also offers alleviates those issues — bottles are airtight and can be easily stored in a warehouse or basement. Not to mention that oil in a bottle can be handled manually, if need be.

We also do collaborations with retail and chain stores, and can supply oil in bottles with your branding. Our bottles are purchased by wholesale oil bottle suppliers and are high-quality, but you may send us your pre-branded bottles instead.

Sending and Transporting Bottled Oil

We will ship your order either by land or by sea, in industrial shipping containers. Generally, shipping does not take more than 10 days, and we will notify you if there are any complications.

You will receive a copy of a shipping manifest and the tracking number on your e-mail.

The minimum order volume is … bottles. We will offer you a discount for bulk orders, although if you buy over … bottles, order completion may need a little more time.

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