Poultry meal Pet Food Grade

Poultry meal Pet Food Grade

Digeoris sells bulk quantities of meat and bone meal for use in cat and dog foods. Our produce has low ash content and is suitable for all breeds. It is allowed for use in the EU and complies with the Council Directive 2002/99/EC.

Qualities of Digeoris Pet Food Grade Poultry Meal
Protein < 65%
Fat < 10%
Fiber < 2.5%
Moisture < 92%
Ash > 11%

Components and production process of Poultry meal


To produce meat and raw bone poultry meal for dogs, our manufacturers grind and mash rendered chicken carcasses, as well as unsuitable meat cuts.

The resulting mass is then slowly heated up until it dries out completely, forming a fine meal that can be added to both dry and wet food.

Poultry meal – content in the following products

Pet Grade Food poultry meal is even more niche than the generic one — although, within its niche, it is unrivaled. It is an extremely valuable source of high-quality proteins for omnivorous pets — mostly dogs, although cats could use it in their diet too.

Meat and raw bone poultry meal for dogs also contains high quantities of calcium and phosphorous, which are both necessary in their diet to prevent diseases. It is most important in food for large pure breeds since medical issues with bones are extremely prevalent among them.

Poultry meal for dogs in the Production of feed for animal

Generic poultry meal in dog food does not go down well — eventually, some breeds start developing problems with urinary tracts and, possibly, their liver. And generic poultry meal can consist of up to 14% ash.

As an alternative, Digeoris offers special pet grade food poultry meal, which contains significantly lower ash contents. It is suitable for all dog breeds, as well as cats, and otherwise does not differ at all from our generic poultry meal.

Transportation of Large Volumes of Poultry meal

We ship bulk quantities of meat and bone meal in metal industrial containers with heavy-duty trucks andor the naval cargo ships. The exact shipping method will depend on your location, and the average shipping time for EU is 10 days. We will send you both a shipping manifesto and a tracking number, when your order is ready to ship.

Keep in mind, that poultry meals have a required order volume of 22 tons. There may be additional discounts if your order in bulk. Orders over 2000 tons may take more time to complete.

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