Pig feed fat

Pig Feed Fat

Digeoris sells pig feed fat in Eastern Europe and the European Union. Our produce complies with the EFPRA legislation and Regulation 853/2004, which allows its use in animal feeds. We also offer technical pork fat for sale to lubricants and biodiesel manufacturers.

Qualities of Digeoris Pig Feed Fat
Storage period indefinite
Color at 15 °C white-to-yellow
Odour specific
Moisture content < 0.5%
Mass fraction of unsaponifiables < 0.75%
Mass fraction of insoluble substances < 0.5%
Acid number < 10 mgKOH

Pork Fat Production Process


Poultry product

Pig fat is producing during the rendering of a swine carcass and is overall considered a by-product of pork meat production. If you want to buy pork fat with the highest amount of nutrients and vitamins — you need fat made via low-temperature rendering.

Low-temperature method

Digeoris pork feed fat is made exactly with this rendering method. Our suppliers shred the fat into small pieces, then heat it up the resulting mass to 80 °C and use centrifuges to separate fat from water. This allows for mass production of highly nutrient, natural pork fat that is usable for premium animal food.

High-temperature methods

Our pork fat for sale is made at high-temperature, which is cheaper but unusable for animal feeds.

Use of Chicken Fat in Products

Pork feed fat is a niche product, mainly focused on production of animal feeds. It is common supplement in cat, dog, and farm animal’s diet, since it provides a lot of nutrients at rather low costs compared to using meats. That said, you need to balance the products, since pure pork lard in high amounts can have negative effects on the animal health.

Alternatively, you could use it to produce machine oils and lubricants — although we have technical pork fat for sale that is better suited for this.

Pork Fat in Feed Production

Pork fat has the highest content of fatty acids among all animal fats, which makes it a popular nutritional supplement in any kind of animal feeds. It is considered higher quality when compared to chicken fat, and is often a part of premium feeds.

That said, it is not the best option as the only source of fats in the feed. If you want to buy pork fat to produce cat or dog food, consider adding some fish oil to it, to balance the acidic contents.

Transportation of Large Volumes of Pork Fat

Shipping pig fat is done via heavy-duty trucks and industrial cargo containers. When possible, we will also use naval transportation. We provide a shipping manifesto and a tracking number for the shipment.

We have pig fat for sale in quantities of 22 tons or more. Bulk orders will receive an additional discount. Orders over 2 000 tons will require more time to package and ship.

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