Soybean oil

Soybean Oil

Digeoris offers soybean oil made from beans grown in Ukraine. Our primary markets are Eastern Europe and European Union, and our produce complies with local regulations. Unlike other soybean oil suppliers, we offer soybean oil that can be used both in biodiesel production and food industry.

Chemical Qualities of Digeoris Unrefined Soybean Oil

FFA (Free Fatty Acids) content < 0.3%
Phosphorus content < 800 ppm
Iron content < 2.8 ppm
Copper content < 0.05 ppm
Moisture, volatile matter, and insoluble impurities > 121°C

Soybean Oil Production Process



Digeoris sells oils produced at the HACCP/FSSC-certified facility.

High-quality sunflower oil

Our soybean oil suppliers are using hexane for chemical extraction. Although it is a safe chemical approved by the EC regulation 1881/2006, such oil can not be considered organic.

Cold-pressed sunflower oil

We do not offer cold-pressed soybean oil at the moment, but will consider it in the future.

Products Using Soybean Oil


Soybean oil is by far the most popular component for biodiesel. It is not as efficient as rapeseed, and does not have special qualities of the sunflower oil, but the production volumes more than justify its popularity.

Animal feeds

Soybean oil is used in high-quality animal feeds — mostly for birds, cats, dogs, and other pets. Some manufacturers of high-end horse feeds use soybean to provide animals with natural proteins and fats, although most use soybean pulp or meal instead.

Industrial Use of Soybean Oil

Soybean oil is a popular Mediterranean and Asian cooking oil. It is less common in baking, where it is superseded by olive or sunflower oils. Overall, its use in the food industry is limited.

However, soybean oil dominates the biodiesel industry. According to the 2019 industry reports, over 50% of biodiesel produced in EU and US is soybean oil biodiesel. And while the production costs are relatively high compared to rapeseed, soybean offers much higher yield per acre, and bulk soybean oil price is not much higher than rapeseed. Most soybean oil suppliers produce oil specifically for the biodiesel production.

Sending and Transporting of Soybean Oil

We will deliver your orders in 10 days or less, using freight containers or heavy-duty trucks. The exact delivery method will depend on your location, but either way we will send you a shipping manifest and a tracking number.

The minimum order volume is 22 tons. When ordering in bulk, crude soybean oil price is lower, however, orders over 2000 tons may require additional time to complete.

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