Chicken feed fat

Chicken Feed Fat

Digeoris offers high-quality poultry fat, suitable for use in animal feeds. Our fats are certified in European Union and comply with Regulation 1924/2006, which allows their use in animal food. We also offer Technical Chicken Fat for industrial use.

Qualities of Digeoris Chicken Feed Fat
Shelf Life 6 months
Color at 15°C yellow-to-brown
Odour specific, not putrid
Moisture content < 0.5%
Mass fraction of unsaponifiables < 1%
Mass fraction of insoluble substances < 0.5%
Acid number < 10 mgKOH

Chicken Fat Production Process


Poultry product

Chicken fat is a by-product of poultry production and is usually rendered from chicken feathers, waste tissue, and low-quality meats.

Low-temperature method

Digeoris chicken feed fat suppliers use the low-temperature rendering method: the input material is finely chopped, heated up over 80°C (but below the boiling point) and separated from water inside industrial centrifuges.

High-temperature methods

Using this rendering method allows for poultry fat to retain all its vitamins and nutrients. You can also buy chicken fat produced with high-temperature methods, although it is suitable only for industrial uses.

Use of Chicken Fat in Products

Poultry fat is used by all high-end animal feed manufacturers — Purina, Solid Gold, Royal Canine, etc. It can be used both as a base for the feed, or to supplement other animal by-products.

There are also many industrial applications for chicken fats — for example, manufacturing oils and tallows (which, in case of chicken fats, are called schmaltz) — for which Technical Chicken Fat is more applicable.

Chicken Fat in Feed Production

Chicken fat is an affordable source of nutrients that are necessary to cats, dogs, and other omnivorous pets. It is healthy, easy to digest raw, and contains vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids, that are otherwise hard to come by in animal diets.

Chicken fat is 100% natural and species-appropriate. It also does not trigger chicken allergies in pets, since those are actually caused by chicken proteins, which fats do not contain.

If you are a manufacturer of vegan animal feeds, we recommend Digeoris Canola Oil as a viable alternative to chicken fat.

Transportation of large volumes of chicken fat

The exact transportation methods depend on your location and urgency of your order — however, we generally ship chicken fat with specialized trucks and/or chemical tankers.

Orders are delivered in 10 days or less. Upon shipping, customers will receive a tracking number and a copy of a shipping manifest.

The minimum order volume is 22 tons. If you buy chicken fat in bulk, we offer special prices on large volumes. Although, wholesale orders over 2 000 tons may require additional time to complete.

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