Feather meal

Feather meal

Digeoris offers bulk quantities of feather meal for sale to the European Union and Eastern European customers. Our produce is high-quality and compliant with all necessary EU regulations.

Qualities of Digeoris Feather Meal
Protein < 82%
Fat < 6%
Crude Fiber < 0.60%
Dry Matter < 90%
Ash < 4%
Digestibility > 75%

Components and production process of Feather meal


Feather flour is made by grinding up and drying sterilized poultry feathers, left from rendering chicken carcasses.

It is not a particularly complex process, which results in fine meal with a yellow-to-brown color and somewhat hard texture.

Feather meal – content in the following products

Feather meal is a component of animal feeds and a viable source of protein. It improves the quality of the fur, and overall keep the animals healthier. It also has extremely low ash contents, which allows for better digestibility among the several animal species.

It is also used in fish food. In particular, it is the best protein source for large predatory fishes — trout, salmon, seabream, Japanese flounder, catfish, tilapia and carp.

Unlike the other poultry meals, it contains high quantities of nitrogen. These contents make feather meal a great organic fertilizer with only 3-6 lbs necessary per 100 sq. ft of soil.

Feather meal in the Production of feed for animal

Feather meal is a low-value by-product of chicken meat production, yet it still has its uses. It is a viable source of low-quality proteins, and is very popular is fur feeds.

That said, feather meal does not contain nearly enough minerals in comparison to poultry meals, and may require additional supplements in the diet. Considering the low feather meal prices in comparison to other protein sources, this should not be considered a roadblock.

Transportation of Large Volumes of Feather meal

We found that the best way to ship poultry meals is via cargo containers, transported with heavy-duty lorries or naval cargo ships. On average, an order arrives in 10 days, depending on the exact customer location. We provide both a shipping manifesto and a tracking number.

We offer feather meal for sale with a minimum order volume of 22 tons. Discounts are applied when buying in bulk. Orders over 2000 tons may require more time to ship.

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