Poultry meal

Poultry Meal

Digeoris is one of the poultry meal suppliers focusing on European Union and Eastern Europe. Our produce complies with Council Directive 2002/99/EC and is allowed for use in animal feeds.

Qualities of Digeoris Generic Poultry Meal
Protein < 65%
Fat < 10%
Fiber < 2.5%
Moisture < 92%
Ash > 14%

Use of Chicken Fat in Products

Poultry meal is a very niche product and is used only as a protein source in feeds. It is very popular in industrial-grade farms, since low poultry meal prices allow improvements to the animal diets without significant expenses.

Poultry meal includes calcium and phosphorous, which are otherwise hard to come by if the animals do not have free access to the pastures.

When it comes to fish food, poultry meal is suitable for the predatory fish species, although it alone does not provide the entirety of the necessary mineral complex.

Poultry meal in the Production of feed for animal

Poultry meal is an extremely cheap source of proteins and a powerful supplement for the animal diets. It is commonly used in pig, horse, hen, and cow feeds, especially if the animals do not receive additional vitamin and mineral complexes. It is also a valued component in fish and fur feeds.

Keep in mind, that you should not use generic poultry meat meal in pet food. Cats, as well as some dog breeds, have difficulty processing ash and may fall sick if it is found in their food. We offer specific Pet Food Grade poultry meals as a low-ash option.

Transportation of Large Volumes of Poultry meal

We ship all orders in industrial cargo containers, either by land or sea. The average shipping time is 10 days and you will receive both a shipping manifesto and a tracking number when your order is ready.

The minimum shipping amount for poultry meal is 22 tons. You will receive an additional discount if you order in bulk. If you order over 2000 tons, we may not have enough ready product in the warehouse and may require additional time to ship it.

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